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Not your Average
Lash Brow and Beauty Bar

Located in Dunsborough, WA, Beauty by the Bay is a sustainable salon offering high quality services with natural products. We want to take care of bodies, inside and out, while also being considerate of our natural environment.

The products we use are organic and come with the highest certifications for sustainability. As well as having a luxurious and environmentally friendly treatment in our clinic, you can also purchase the products we use online.


Our Products


For our hair product and colour range, we use NATULIQUE, which offers products that are low ammonia and organic.


The company is proud of following exceptionally high standards and has worked with most of the certification bodies around the world.


Our Standards

High Quality

Our ingredients must be top quality but also produced in an ethical manner.

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Cruelty Free

We only use products that are NOT tested on animals, nor use any animal products


We ensure the products we use have 100% recyclable or recycled materials


Our salon products are certified organic to ensure no use of pesticides, antibiotics or hormones.